Tuesday, December 29, 2009


PTL for big trucks. The damage doesn't look that bad considering the impact we encountered as someone decided to pull out right in front of us a few days ago. Their little sedan doesn't look quite as good. This resulted in our 3rd, yes 3rd, trip to the hospital. The doctor wanted me to go just to make sure everything was ok and for some extra monitoring. By the time we got there I was contracting every 3-7 minutes. I'm a pro at contractions-labor will be nothing! Ha!! After 6 hours of monitoring and medicine to stop the contractions we were sent home. Only 4 more weeks of bed rest to go! Next time we go to the hospital we're coming home with Ruby in our arms!


Andrew and Jessica said...

I just laughed at your "labor will be nothing" comment. 8) So glad to hear that you and Ruby are okay. Hope the last 4 weeks are relaxing and restful!

melissa richie said...

I'm waaaaaaay behind on my commenting, but man, I'm glad you're okay. You've sure had an eventful third trimester :)