Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Sewing 101

Last night best friend Kelly and I took our first sewing class. We signed up a few weeks ago at our local JoAnn's and weren't sure what to expect. But it was great!! We both brought our mom's sewing machines that were a little dusty and still in the boxes(no fancy carrying cases for us). Our mom's probably bought the machines on Walmart special a few ago compared to some other class participants with mac-daddy machines. But our stitches were just as crooked as theirs. Don't be looking for any masterpieces in the near future, but they will come people, they will come.

Monday, July 20, 2009

This time last year:

This is what I was doing:

I was in France with my parents. We stayed in Marseille, but found out that the Tour de France was coming through a small town not too far away. Or at least we thought it wasn't far. I researched on the internet and Dad and I took off early one morning to catch the Tour. After an hour train ride we started looking for signs and buses to take us to our destination of St.Remy. No signs and no buses. We finally found someone that had heard of the town and pointed us in the right direction and said we could walk. So we started walking. After about 2 hours of walking along side the road of rural France, we saw a sign that said 17km. We were determined to make it but could not make it 17 more km. So Dad put his thumb up and we hitch-hiked. I have never hitch-hiked before and I probably won't ever again, but it was worth it. We made it to town with about 30 minutes to spare. After hours of traveling in the hot sun, the cyclists came thru town in about 30 seconds and it was over. Well worth it though! Definitely a once in a lifetime experience! To treat our hard work, we had a late lunch at this amazing little restaurant:

And if you're ever in the South of France, find St.Remy. It's a beautiful little boutique city with great hotels, shops, artwork and countryside! I wish I was there now!

-sorry the pics are small, I need my graphic designer sister here to help me when I blog

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Disturbing dialogue of the evening...

Setting: Mobbs living room

Me: Ko, its late and I'm going to bed. Are you coming?

Ko: No, I'm watching the All-Star game.

Me: Why? Its doesn't matter at all.

Ko: Yes, it does. The winners get home team advantage in the World Series.

Me: Ko, I don't think the Bravos are going to be playing in the World Series this year, so again, it doesn't matter.

Ko: But the Mets may be playing in the World Series.

Me: So...(then figuring out where he's going with this)...You are not a Mets fan now just because Jeff Francouer plays for them!!

Ko: Yes, I am.

Me: What?!?

Ko: I'll be cheering for the Mets later this week when they play the Braves.

Me: Oh my gosh!!! That's ridiculous!! (Thinking-I'm so going to blog this)

So, my husband is officially a trader. We both grew up on Atlanta Braves baseball! And he is now officially fair-weather! Sad, isn't it?

Monday, July 6, 2009

Independence Day!

Yes, I still love that song by Martina McBride and I'm singing it to myself right now.

As for our 4th of July, it was busy and fun! We started the day with the Peachtree Road Race which I absolutely love!!! Its probably my favorite event of the year. From there we picked up Mama Jackie and headed to the lake. Best friend Kelly, Korey and I hung out on the beach for a few hours soaking up the sun while everyone else was on the boat tubing and skiing. Then we went back to Kelly's parents' house for the annual July 4th feast. Kelly's dad, Mr.Tom, cooked 40 lbs of chicken wings, a ton of BBQ and deep fried two turkeys. We only gained a few pounds. If you've never had a deep fried turkey you are missing out!! When Mr.Tom does it he brings it inside and we all just eat the fried skin like vultures. No forks are allowed. Don't judge-it's so good! On Sunday we slept in and then hit the lake. About an hour into the day it started pouring down rain so we headed for land quickly. The pictures of us in the rain are hilarious and I'll post them as soon as I find them, but for now: The famous turkey.