Saturday, May 5, 2012

Knoxy-boy turned one month last week! Can't believe it! Time is flying by. He's huge. I don't know the stats because I'm that mom that cancelled the 1 month visit. He's growing, sleeping, eating and beginning to notice the world more and more so I gave him the 1 month check-up at home. His chart has probably been flagged by the pediatrician with a big note that says SLACKER MOM, but oh well.
Do you remember Patrick? Despites Korey's continued requests to get rid of him, he remains. And I love him! And so does Ruby. And really so does Korey-he lays on him while Ruby plays in her playroom. And Knox is learning to love him too. Everyone needs a 6 foot puppy!

In Knox's short 5 weeks of life, he's done a lot and hasn't slowed us down much. We just take him along every where we go. So far he's been to the mall at 8 days old and countless times more, Chattanooga at 10 days old for Easter and the lake house at 2 weeks old. He even took his first cruise on the boat. Next week we're going to Virginia.Poor baby also goes on all the crazy adventures with his sister, like her first haircut(she did so well!), story time at the library, the playground, and yesterday to one of those in-door jumpy places. I'm convinvced those are just one big germ exposure, but Ruby loved it and it was air conditioned so we'll probably be back with an extra squirt of hand sanitizer! School is out in about 3 weeks which means we'll have Korey home more and I'm really looking forward to it! This summer should be really fun at our new neighborhood's pools, the lake house and a family beach trip. If only we could keep the temperature in the 80s for the next few months!

Grandaddy and his 2 babies at the lake house