Wednesday, April 28, 2010


I finally got the pictures from my mom's camera from our trip to California. We went during Korey's spring break to stay in Newport Beach, CA for the week. Most people thought we were crazy for taking a 7 week old across country but she was a trooper. Obviously at 7 weeks old she didn't really care where we where as long as she was being held and fed. But she got to do so many things that lots of people never get to do in a lifetime. Everything we did, we referred to it as "Ruby's first..." So here are a few of her firsts.

Her first trip to the airport in her first trip in a limo, followed by her first flight in first class.

She met our friend Yana for the first time
She visited Laguna Beach for the first time and ate lunch at Hotel Laguna with our friends, the Bees, then went shopping and had amazing gelato, and had dinner at Mozambique. Yum!!
The next day she took a morning nap with her daddy (not a first!)

The next day Ruby celebrated her first Easter. She went to her first outdoor Easter Service at the Orange County Fair Grounds. She got to wear her Easter dress that her Nana bought her for the first time and then went to the Bees house for a wonderful Easter lunch. That afternoon she also got to experience her first earthquake!!
The next day Ruby went to Balboa Island for lunch at Wilma's and then did a little shopping and walking around town. She met Mary Cheatham and Alina for the first time. All the street names were gems/stones so we got some ideas for baby #2. Opal or Onyx?

The next day Ruby rode to Burbank for the first time. She would have gone on her first studio tour at Warner Bros., but no one under 8 years old permitted. I guess they thought she would run around and throw stuff. She stayed behind with Bibby while we took the tour. We got to see the Central Perk set from Friends and I got to sit on the couch. Pretty cool! (Picture=not so cool so will not be posted!)
That night, Ruby went to her first baseball game to watch the Angels play. She pretty much slept through the whole game but was able to set her first Guiness World Record with the rest of the fans. Record: Largest group of people wearing a fleece blanket, aka Snuggie. It was awesome. Words and pictures do no justice!
We spent our last full day at Huntington Beach. For breakfast, Ruby ate for the first time at Ruby's Diner on the end of the pier. Later that afternoon she got to sport her yellow polka-dot bikini for the first time and go to the beach. She also got to see her Daddy and Daddy Don in wet suits and attempt to surf. If she was deveopmentally ready, she would have laughed really hard for the first time. Instead she just chilled.
Overall, it was an awesome week. Ruby won't remember a thing, but we'll always tell her how blessed she was to get to go. And warning, don't take a baby on vacation with the grandparents and spend time with friends for a week. You'll come home with a baby that expects to be held 24 hours a day!!

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Go Ruby!!

On Friday we got invited to go to the Braves game with my cousin Jen and her husband. We were going to take Ruby to her first game at The Ted, but then Korey suggested that my parents keep her instead so we could have a night out alone for the first time. But in order to do that, she had to take a bottle. So earlier that day we gave it a try. I was afraid she wouldn't do it, but I was wrong! She took it down in 10 minutes and even wanted more! I go back to work in 3 weeks and now that I know she'll take the bottle it might make it a little easier. Probably not! But it does mean that Ko and I can go out more by ourselves for longer than 2 hours!

Bibby will not like that her gray hair is showing, but we were on the way to get our hair done. Sorry, mom!

Saturday, April 10, 2010

2 months

Can't believe we have a 2 month old!! Easter and California posts coming soon! Also check out my sister's blog with some pics she took of Ruby. We are so lucky to have great photographers who love Ruby.