Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Who doesn't love pink trees?

Because we're living at my parents right now, our Christmas decorations are going to be sparse. Pretty much all of them ended up in storage but I made sure not to pack Ruby's pink tree. She got it as a present last year and I've been waiting all year to put it up.
Yesterday, the Rubster and I took a trip to Ikea to get all the trimmings. On a side note, every store should be more like Ikea. They have parking reserved for mothers with strollers, a family bathroom with complimentary diapers and a diaper genie, and bottle warmers in the restaurant. It doesn't matter that the parking spots were all full and my cloth diaper wasn't going in the genie and I've never used a bottle warmer, but all are really good ideas that make me want to go back. Or it could have been the huge cinnamon roll that we got for a dollar and ate all the way home that makes me want to go back!
The tree turned out perfect and Ruby loves it! Next year we'll put it in Ruby's room just for her, but this year its the perfect accessory for our compact basement home.