Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Summer Surprise

Summer is coming to an end this weekend and even though we had fun this summer, I'm ready for fall! Bring on the cool weather, fall fairs and skinny jeans (and of course, football!). In our house, football picture day marks the end of summer. The picture always makes us laugh because they are so staged but its a good way to ensure that we have a family picture at least once a year and its fun to look back at how we've changed over just 7 years. I had to wake Ruby up bright and early so she was determined not to smile-instead she looks asian. We're proud of our Coach and "Go Longhorns!".

My cousin asked me to send her a recipe this week for a cookbook that her work is putting together. She works for an oncologist so it will be a fundraisor for cancer research which is great and dear to both of us. I was searching for the perfect recipe to submit in memory of Mama Jackie and today I found it. I was looking in one of her old cookbooks which she heavily supplemented with hand written recipes and newspaper clippings. I came across this recipe card that she must have filled out for someone else since the top line says "From the kitchen of Mama Jackie". She started making this dish a few years ago for a family gathering and we all loved it, especially my sister. I'm pretty sure she made up the name just to make us laugh, but it stuck. So here's Mama Jackie's Summer Surprise. Make it this weekend for your Labor Day festivities before all the fruit of the summer is gone!

I love her extra tips on the back! My mom started adding mango to the mix and its delish! Enjoy!