Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Sacrifice #1

I know that being a mom will include sacrifices. And I'm slowly preparing myself for those that will come after Baby Mobbs gets here in February. But yesterday I wasn't ready. I was at TJ Maxx and was browsing the shoe aisle. The shoes I had on had officially broken at work and needed a replacement. I suppose I could have taken them to be repaired, but that's no fun. New shoes are more fun. So I'm perusing the size 8s and my eyes see the coveted "Frye" tag hanging from the shelf. My heart began to race a little. I love Frye shoes. I bought my Frye boots almost 7 years ago and still wear them. However, Frye thinks a lot of their shoes too and exhibit their love on the price tag. So its not too often I get the joy of buying them. But yesterday I fell in love with these:

I know, they aren't exactly practical, but I still loved them and could already picture the skirts, dresses, and jeans I'd wear them with. Then it hit me. I'm 15 weeks preggo. In a few months(maybe weeks at the rate I'm growing), I won't be able to see my shoes much less balance on the 3.5 inch heel. My mom who is always the encourager said to get them because I won't always be pregnant. So I wore them up and down the aisle a few more times congratulating myself on finding such a great deal on great shoes. (Retail price $232, TJ Maxx price $49.99). Then my conscience kicked in. No, I won't be preggo and fat forever, but from February on I will be toting around a baby. 3.5 inch heels aren't exactly the best mode of transportation for baby carrying for a klutz like me. Sadly, I removed the booties and set them back on the shelf for someone else to enjoy. Nice of me, huh?

Don't worry, I don't plan on resorting to sweat suits and flats for the rest of my life, so I compromised and bought another Steve Madden bootie with a 2 inch heel for an even cheaper price. And I'm slowly reaching a happy place after settling for second best.*

*This does not mean that I will not make every other day trips to TJ Maxx to see if the Fryes have been moved to the super clearance rack so that I can justify their impracticality.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Check this out!

My sister has a blog! Yes!!!!!! She just posted pics from the honeymoon and wedding pics are coming soon, right Rach? If you're looking for an awesome place to vacation-go where they went. Playa Mujeres, Mexico. It's beautiful! Go see for yourself @

Monday, August 10, 2009

I hate it when:

People make their blog private. Here is why:
1) That means one less blog to surf over to and see if it's been updated every night or two
2) I think I'm really good friends with these people even though I've never met them or I haven't seen them in years because I read their blogs
3) I'm usually too embarassed to tell them that I stalk them so that I can get the log-in
4) The reason for blogs is so that random people can read about your life (ex. My parents, sibiling and best friends already know what's happening In the Mobb)

Friday, August 7, 2009

Let's make it official

It's not official until it's on facebook AND the blog, right? Nevermind the nausea, growing belly and heartbeat that we saw and heard. So here he/she is:
Baby Mobbs will be making an entrance mid-February. We are beyond excited!!

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Yesterday, I lost my husband

Yesterday was August 1st which marks the official start of football season. In the Mobbs house this means that Korey will now devote every waking minute to Collins Hill football. So if you're the parent on the sidelines yelling at my husband-chill out. He puts a LOT of time and effort into coaching your kid. And if you want to hang out, call me. More than likely I'm at home alone. From now until December-Go Eagles!!