Tuesday, December 29, 2009


PTL for big trucks. The damage doesn't look that bad considering the impact we encountered as someone decided to pull out right in front of us a few days ago. Their little sedan doesn't look quite as good. This resulted in our 3rd, yes 3rd, trip to the hospital. The doctor wanted me to go just to make sure everything was ok and for some extra monitoring. By the time we got there I was contracting every 3-7 minutes. I'm a pro at contractions-labor will be nothing! Ha!! After 6 hours of monitoring and medicine to stop the contractions we were sent home. Only 4 more weeks of bed rest to go! Next time we go to the hospital we're coming home with Ruby in our arms!

Monday, December 28, 2009

Christmas Eve Deliciousness

Are you drooling yet? This is the amazing Christmas Eve feast that we eat every year. Its the ultimate showcase of gluttony. My parents neighbors have invited us each year for as long as I can remember to their Feast of Seven Fishes. They spend days baking and cooking. Everything is made from scratch including the pasta and it is amazing!! The plate of small iced cookies was probably eaten entirely by me over the course of the weekend. They are my favorite! We eat entirely too much and enjoy being with each other. I couldn't think of a better Christmas tradition to be a part of! I'm already looking forward to next year!

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Merry Christmas from the Mobbs

Bed rest prevented us from getting a holiday photo card out this year. So here's the virtual card-just pretend you got it out of your mailbox today!

Monday, December 21, 2009

Call me crazy

I ordered these today and I can't wait for them to come! I've decided to use cloth diapers for RJ(one of Ruby's many nicknames-we'll cover that another day). My hubby, as awesome as he is, has not yet been convinced but I am certain that he will convert. If I dont buy any disposable diapers, he'll have to use them. That's my plan for now.

I know most, or maybe all, of you will think I'm absolutely crazy. And please don't be afraid to tell me. I can take it. I'm confident in my decision! Afterall, Korey and myself were both put in cloth diapers as babies and we survived. And these are much cuter than the plain white cloth with safety pins and plastic covers that our parents had!

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Half way!!!

I'm officially 32 days in with 32 days to go!! I think I'll make it. Especially if my mom keeps making me eggs benedict for breakfast. Can't beat that. Well, actually you can. Last time I had eggs benedict it was sitting on the back deck of a cruise ship somewhere in the Caribbean with my friends the Whitlocks. It was amazing! But I can't have that now, so I'll take mom's. And finally, here's the picture everyone is asking for. I'm 31 weeks. Please excuse the dog cage, horrible background, ponytail and no make-up. And despite the bow, we are not hoping for Ruby to be a Christmas present. Its just an accessory-I do what I can to entertain myself these days!

Monday, December 14, 2009

#2 and #3

Two weekends ago my sweet sister-in-laws, best friend Kelly and my sister hosted a brunch for little Ruby. We decided to go ahead and have it even though I was on bedrest so Korey just dropped me off and I sat down the rest of the time. Trust me, if I so much as stood up to change seats, someone told me sit down. And Ruby racked up!! We got a bunch of the essential baby stuff but she also got some pretty cute clothes and accessories! Her closet is quickly filling up!

This weekend, the football coaching staff and their wives brought the party to our house. It was a surprise, but Korey had to tell me about it that morning in order to make me look presentable. Otherwise I would have been in my bed rest uniform which consists of pajamas or sweats and my uggs. Unfortunately no pictures, but again Ruby got some great stuff!

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Shower #1

Shower #1 was technically a brunch with 6 of my favorite girls, which could be the best kind of shower. It took place pre-bed rest in early November but I haven't gotten around to loading pictures. Ashleigh was in town from Memphis, Kate came thru Atlanta on her way back home to Chattanooga, and then Kathleen, Rachel, Kelly and my mom were there. We had a delicious meal at Murphy's and had a great time just hanging out and catching up. And to top it all off the best cupcakes I think I've ever had!!

Mom and her fancy coffee, me with the boring decaf!

Yummy and very cute cupcakes!

All my best friends!

Mom bought about 25 pacifiers, all different kinds. She says it's important for Ruby to choose what kind she likes. Ha! That's what's wrong with kids these days!

Aunt Rachel getting some practice with sweet Jack!

I know I said I would be better at updating the blog while on bed rest. I guess I lied. But not intentionally. I just seem to always find other things to do. Like work, online Christmas shop, watch TV, read everyone else's blogs, or read my book or latest magazine. So to bring everyone (all 4 of you that read the blog) here's what's been happening.

Thanksgiving-The pre-bed rest plans were to go to middle-of-no-whereVirginia to celebrate at my Aunt and Uncle's. When I was growing up we always spent Thanksgiving up there. It usually included a little bit of snow, a big huge meal then jumping on the trampoline, and driving an hour and half to civilization on Friday to shop. We haven't been to Virginia since college so I was looking forward to it. But then bed rest happened. So my parents stayed in town and we joined the Stern family table next door. Korey was sick with a 24 hr stomach bug so no turkey for him on Thursday. On Friday, he was feeling better so we went to best friend Kelly's parents house for deep-fried turkey and marshmallow roasting. The picture below is the only one I will allow others to see (all others are horrible and point out the fact that my belly is huge and the my face is trying to catch up!).
Monday after Thanksgiving=night at Northside Hospital #2. Monday night I started having contractions every 2-3 minutes again which bought me, Korey and my mom another uncomfortable, sleepless night at the hospital. But after fluids and medication we were sent home the next morning. Everything checks out fine, my body just likes to contract. I'm hoping that by the time Ruby is allowed to make her way out, I'll be so used to contractions that it will be no big deal and she'll just come on out!!

Nursery-The picture posted on the previous post is not our nursery, only a picture of the furniture we ordered. I wish ours looked like that! But the furniture did come in and Korey put the crib together. Being put together and in the room is about as far as we've gotten. Here's the proud dad in action. Sorry for the poor quality but my camera battery was dead so I had to use the iphone(Merry Christmas, Ko).

Friday, December 4, 2009

No, thank you!

First-I’m sorry Kelly for having to take back your birthday present. But don’t worry I will soon replace with something even better during one of my online shopping trips. This is why:

This AM I got on ticketmaster.com to get tix for probably the best concert to hit Atlanta ever. (Besides Celine Dion). Reba McEntire and George Strait are coming to town on Feb 25, 2010. I was pretty darn excited, but my smile was soon turned upside down! The ticket prices are RIDICULOUS!!!!! They are either $94 or $74 plus the $13.50 surcharge per ticket. So I thought I might could justify buying the $74 ones if they were half way decent seats. But the best available were section 409, row R(Kelly, think Tim McGraw a few years ago). So then I thought ok, even if it’s crazy to pay over 100 bucks for a concert ticket, if they were way up close it would be awesome and maybe worth it. Nope. This time the best available was section 313. I don’t think so!! Seriously! These two artists have been doing this for 25 years each and have all the money they could ever need, plus they have me as a number one fan. But not anymore. I’m stepping down. I haven't missed either one of their shows in Atlanta since I was a kid. But I will not pay that to sit in the rafters!!! I’m working on my complaint letter to their tour managers right now!!! And then I’m going to delete all the episodes of Reba’s tv show on my DVR.

And Kelly,
You, me and Ruby can just have our own little concert at the house that night. Please remember to bring your black Reba tshirt, circa 1993.