Thursday, December 17, 2009

Half way!!!

I'm officially 32 days in with 32 days to go!! I think I'll make it. Especially if my mom keeps making me eggs benedict for breakfast. Can't beat that. Well, actually you can. Last time I had eggs benedict it was sitting on the back deck of a cruise ship somewhere in the Caribbean with my friends the Whitlocks. It was amazing! But I can't have that now, so I'll take mom's. And finally, here's the picture everyone is asking for. I'm 31 weeks. Please excuse the dog cage, horrible background, ponytail and no make-up. And despite the bow, we are not hoping for Ruby to be a Christmas present. Its just an accessory-I do what I can to entertain myself these days!


Katty said...

Awww Mary, you're so cute!

LWJ said...

You are beautiful! You look great!

Katie said...

You look adorable Mary! Love the bow!