Thursday, December 10, 2009

I know I said I would be better at updating the blog while on bed rest. I guess I lied. But not intentionally. I just seem to always find other things to do. Like work, online Christmas shop, watch TV, read everyone else's blogs, or read my book or latest magazine. So to bring everyone (all 4 of you that read the blog) here's what's been happening.

Thanksgiving-The pre-bed rest plans were to go to middle-of-no-whereVirginia to celebrate at my Aunt and Uncle's. When I was growing up we always spent Thanksgiving up there. It usually included a little bit of snow, a big huge meal then jumping on the trampoline, and driving an hour and half to civilization on Friday to shop. We haven't been to Virginia since college so I was looking forward to it. But then bed rest happened. So my parents stayed in town and we joined the Stern family table next door. Korey was sick with a 24 hr stomach bug so no turkey for him on Thursday. On Friday, he was feeling better so we went to best friend Kelly's parents house for deep-fried turkey and marshmallow roasting. The picture below is the only one I will allow others to see (all others are horrible and point out the fact that my belly is huge and the my face is trying to catch up!).
Monday after Thanksgiving=night at Northside Hospital #2. Monday night I started having contractions every 2-3 minutes again which bought me, Korey and my mom another uncomfortable, sleepless night at the hospital. But after fluids and medication we were sent home the next morning. Everything checks out fine, my body just likes to contract. I'm hoping that by the time Ruby is allowed to make her way out, I'll be so used to contractions that it will be no big deal and she'll just come on out!!

Nursery-The picture posted on the previous post is not our nursery, only a picture of the furniture we ordered. I wish ours looked like that! But the furniture did come in and Korey put the crib together. Being put together and in the room is about as far as we've gotten. Here's the proud dad in action. Sorry for the poor quality but my camera battery was dead so I had to use the iphone(Merry Christmas, Ko).

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Kathleen said...

Yea for me making the blog and for your cute little bump. Such a cute picture of you and Kelly. I'm coming over soon so I can get a picture with you & ms. Ruby J.