Friday, December 4, 2009

No, thank you!

First-I’m sorry Kelly for having to take back your birthday present. But don’t worry I will soon replace with something even better during one of my online shopping trips. This is why:

This AM I got on to get tix for probably the best concert to hit Atlanta ever. (Besides Celine Dion). Reba McEntire and George Strait are coming to town on Feb 25, 2010. I was pretty darn excited, but my smile was soon turned upside down! The ticket prices are RIDICULOUS!!!!! They are either $94 or $74 plus the $13.50 surcharge per ticket. So I thought I might could justify buying the $74 ones if they were half way decent seats. But the best available were section 409, row R(Kelly, think Tim McGraw a few years ago). So then I thought ok, even if it’s crazy to pay over 100 bucks for a concert ticket, if they were way up close it would be awesome and maybe worth it. Nope. This time the best available was section 313. I don’t think so!! Seriously! These two artists have been doing this for 25 years each and have all the money they could ever need, plus they have me as a number one fan. But not anymore. I’m stepping down. I haven't missed either one of their shows in Atlanta since I was a kid. But I will not pay that to sit in the rafters!!! I’m working on my complaint letter to their tour managers right now!!! And then I’m going to delete all the episodes of Reba’s tv show on my DVR.

And Kelly,
You, me and Ruby can just have our own little concert at the house that night. Please remember to bring your black Reba tshirt, circa 1993.


Kelly said...

Oh wow. WOW. I have so many reactions to this. Reba. George. What kind of a world are you creating for baby Ruby to enter into. Is this what the world has come to? I mean, really. Reba, Mary and I supported you when your hair was bigger and frizzier than the state of Kansas. And this is how you repay us. It's ok, though, because we have your greatest hits album. We can sing it just as well in the living room. Ruby, will love it. Especially when she has red hair just like Reba :)

Kelly said...

Mary, let's move on to the fact that you have Reba's TV show DVRd. I mean, I know you're on bedrest and all, but this still leaves me a little unsettled.