Monday, July 19, 2010

Late night snack

 This was last Thursday night after Ruby and I flew home from the beach. Ruby kept wanting to try my peach so we put some in a blender for her. Despite the crazy faces, she kept wanting more. So far she'll eat anything I give her except rice cereal. But that stuff is disgusting! Sweet potatos and peaches are much tastier!

Friday, July 9, 2010

Happy Birthday America!!

This past weekend we celebrated the 4th at the lake with some work and play. Last year Korey and I announced that I was pregnant on the 4th and its so hard to believe all that's happened in the last year. Sadly this is the first year that I didn't attend the Peachtree Road Race in 11 years. Last year I didn't run because I was preggers and felt like crap, but I drove Korey and his brother down and was at the finish line. If you know me, you know I love everything about the Peachtree. Everything!! I love the uncertainty of getting a number, the wait to start with a ritual port-a-potty visit, the huge patriotic crowd, the donuts from Pubic at mile 1, the priest with holy water, the bumperstickers and paraphernalia, seeing Max Cleland on cardiac hill, the sign at mile 5 that my cousin puked behind the first year we "ran" it, the finish to get the coveted tshirt, and the hairiest man alive that we see every year on Marta. But this year things were not aligned for me to be there. It was on a Sunday so it broke up our whole weekend and we would have had to drop Ruby off at 5 am to get there. And one very important factor was that since the last time I actually ran, I've been pregnant, been on bedrest, gained 40 lbs, had a baby, and lost 40 lbs. Not exactly a candidate to win a race(or finish really). So I gave up my #. But next year I'll be back with the best patriotic get-up you've ever seen!

It was a great weekend at the lake, despite my child not sleeping more than a 3 hour stretch all weekend. In fact it was usually more like 30 min to 90 min. Awesome! We are in between insurance coverage because of my job change and I didn't have her reflux meds filled. I really didn't think it would be so horrible but obviously she needs the meds. Note to self has been made-never, ever, go without Ruby's medication!! Ever!! On a side note, I attended the funeral of one of my patients on Friday. It was horrible and something that I can't imagine ever going through. I also had two other patients pass away last week. This isn't a normal week, but it helps me put into perspective that it's no big deal that Ruby doesn't sleep. She's happy, she's beautiful and she's healthy-that's really all that matters. So if you have a baby-kiss them and thank the Lord for their health!

Happiness is a 10 Pounder and a cute little 15 pounder!

Piper LOVES the lake!

Ruby and her Grandma Jenny at the 4th Cookout

 Daddy Don and Kelly giving Ruby cantaloupe-she loved it!

Needless to say, Ruby Jaq didn't make it until the fireworks