Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Party Pics

 I just sat down to blog and realized my SD card is in Korey's computer. Bummer. But I also realized I never posted pictures from Ruby's birthday party and those are saved on this computer. So, here they are 3 months later! We had a Cowboys and Indians party and it was so much fun! And what started out as a small get together, ended up a huge gathering! But I wouldn't trade it. We had all the people who mean the most to us and have been there to support us in raising such a sweet little girl! The cupcake stand was from our wedding I just spray painted it and then hot-glued rope to it. And I bought all the cowboys and indians and gold coins on amazon. We also had chili and hot pimento cheese dip. Yum!

My mom made Ruby's little dress the night before. It didn't quite fit, but it was super cute! And those are her new boots from Uncle Tim and Aunt Amy.

Our sweet family

Are these not the cutest 3 cowboys you've ever seen?

Ruby's friend Ethan

Ruby and her Aunt K-K

Aunt  Ra-Ra and Uncle Mikey

My sweet baby girl. I can't believe she's 1 (and now almost 16 months old!). She's changed so much just in the last few months. She's a walking, talking silly little girl!