Monday, December 14, 2009

#2 and #3

Two weekends ago my sweet sister-in-laws, best friend Kelly and my sister hosted a brunch for little Ruby. We decided to go ahead and have it even though I was on bedrest so Korey just dropped me off and I sat down the rest of the time. Trust me, if I so much as stood up to change seats, someone told me sit down. And Ruby racked up!! We got a bunch of the essential baby stuff but she also got some pretty cute clothes and accessories! Her closet is quickly filling up!

This weekend, the football coaching staff and their wives brought the party to our house. It was a surprise, but Korey had to tell me about it that morning in order to make me look presentable. Otherwise I would have been in my bed rest uniform which consists of pajamas or sweats and my uggs. Unfortunately no pictures, but again Ruby got some great stuff!

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