Thursday, December 10, 2009

Shower #1

Shower #1 was technically a brunch with 6 of my favorite girls, which could be the best kind of shower. It took place pre-bed rest in early November but I haven't gotten around to loading pictures. Ashleigh was in town from Memphis, Kate came thru Atlanta on her way back home to Chattanooga, and then Kathleen, Rachel, Kelly and my mom were there. We had a delicious meal at Murphy's and had a great time just hanging out and catching up. And to top it all off the best cupcakes I think I've ever had!!

Mom and her fancy coffee, me with the boring decaf!

Yummy and very cute cupcakes!

All my best friends!

Mom bought about 25 pacifiers, all different kinds. She says it's important for Ruby to choose what kind she likes. Ha! That's what's wrong with kids these days!

Aunt Rachel getting some practice with sweet Jack!

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