Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Disturbing dialogue of the evening...

Setting: Mobbs living room

Me: Ko, its late and I'm going to bed. Are you coming?

Ko: No, I'm watching the All-Star game.

Me: Why? Its doesn't matter at all.

Ko: Yes, it does. The winners get home team advantage in the World Series.

Me: Ko, I don't think the Bravos are going to be playing in the World Series this year, so again, it doesn't matter.

Ko: But the Mets may be playing in the World Series.

Me: So...(then figuring out where he's going with this)...You are not a Mets fan now just because Jeff Francouer plays for them!!

Ko: Yes, I am.

Me: What?!?

Ko: I'll be cheering for the Mets later this week when they play the Braves.

Me: Oh my gosh!!! That's ridiculous!! (Thinking-I'm so going to blog this)

So, my husband is officially a trader. We both grew up on Atlanta Braves baseball! And he is now officially fair-weather! Sad, isn't it?


Ashleigh said...

Does this mean he is going to start being a Memphis Basketball fan?? Since UT is, well, you know.

Love ya Ko!

Ashleigh said...
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Becky said...

That's too funny, Mary! I had so much fun the other night and have wanted to tell you that those tomatoes were sooooo yummy...the big one made a perfect tomato sandwich! You just can't get tomatoes like that at the grocery store! Thanks for sharing and I had a blast hanging out, too! We should do it more often!

LWJ said...

Funny, Funny! That is so sad though they traded him. I have to say I will totally be cheering for him as well...Second the having fun part last Friday! It was great and I miss you a bunch!