Thursday, March 18, 2010

My big girl!!

The last 5 weeks have been crazy, exciting, rewarding and tiring. But they have gone by so fast!! I can't believe she's 5 weeks old tomorrow. She's changed so much already! Her cheeks get fatter every day and so do her little legs. She is becoming more and more alert and interactive. She responds to our voices and occasionally gives us a smile. She loves to ride in the car and usually falls asleep as soon as we start moving. At night she usually gives me a 5-6 hour stretch, then after eating she'll sleep another 3-4 hours. She makes grunting noises in her sleep that wake me up more than her. I'll think she's awake and crying but when I look at her she's sound asleep. The doctor said it could be reflux, but we're just going to watch it(or listen to it) for now. She also makes the cutest noises when she's hungry or eating that sound like a goat so we call her Billy. We went to the pediatrician on Tuesday and she weighed 9 lbs 9 oz and was 22 1/4 inches!!! Big baby!! I couldnt' believe it. Her cousin who is 1 day older was only 8 lbs 1 oz at her 1 month. At least I don't have to worry about her getting enough while nursing.
I think she's probably been out and about more than any other 5 week old. I've never been one that likes to stay at home and after being on bed rest for almost 12 weeks, staying at home is the last thing I want to do. Ruby went out to eat for the first time at 5 days old, shopping at 9 days old, and church at 3 weeks. We go to the park a few days a week to walk/run and she always does great. She's been to the lake house twice already and last weekend went on her first road trip to Birmingham. We went to meet Ashleigh so that she could take Ruby's picture. Ruby was not the most cooperative customer, but Ash was able to get some great shots that I can't wait to see and show everyone. It was so great to be in Birmingham, see Ash and go to all my favorite places to eat and shop.  In 2 weeks we are taking a family trip to California for spring break so she'll take her first airplane ride at 7 weeks.
Life has definitely changed, but now I can't imagine it any other way! We are so blessed and we love our Ruby more and more every day!

This is Mr.Moo. Bibby and Daddy Don gave it to her this week. I had her onsie made for my parents and another one for Korey's parents to announce that we were having a baby. It looks kind of funny with her cloth diaper, but she had to wear it to show gratitude for her new chair!

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Kelly said...

Ah, Mr. Moo! That's great...I miss her!