Thursday, May 21, 2009

He did it!!

Korey gave blood at school today!!! If you know Korey very well, you know this is a huge accomplishment. Huge!! Last time I made him go to the doctor, he turned white as a ghost just walking into the exam room. And once I was in the ER and the nurse came to take my blood pressure(a non-invasive procedure) and he turned white and started to fall in the floor. Luckily my mom was there to rescue him. And when he had his knee surgery he was the worse patient ever(probably the funniest event in our marraige took place at that time-ask later for details!)!! And last time he came to visit me at work he walked in the door and was pale and sweaty and said he was going to throw up. So, as you can see, Korey volunteering to do anything involving a needle and blood is huge! Next time you see him-tell him how proud you are!

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Ashleigh said...

That is so great!! Way to go, Ko! He is a better person than me- I am O-neg and have never given blood, it freaks me out!!