Saturday, March 31, 2012

Catchin up before the storm

***I wrote this blog entry while Ruby napped on Wednesday and was going to come back home after dinner and upload the pictures for it. Well, I had a baby instead. But I thought I'd go ahead and post and then work on Knox's arrival post.*** 

Yes, I took a blogging hiatus. We've been a little busy moving, unpacking, celebrating, working, parenting, gestating, etc. But little boy Mobbs will be here any day(or minute if I'm lucky) so I thought I'd do some catching up.
As for Ruby, she's a character these days. So full of life and drama. She's had to adjust to being at home in a house with only her mommy and daddy. Life just isn't as entertaining when you don't live with your grandparents that dote on you constantly. But she's surviving! She's very vocal these days and very opinionated. Her vocabulary has exploded in the last month or two and she's like a little sponge. She'll say things and I just have to look at her and laugh. A few weeks ago I told her not to put my phone in her mouth and she said "ok mommy, its dangerous". Really?! Today I handed her a snack and asked her if it was good and she said "no, delicious mommy, delicious". Crazy girl! 

 So lets go backwards and do a quick catch up since the last post.
-Ruby began to like Preschool
She goes 2 mornings a week and after a few rough weeks at first, she is now loving it. Her teacher changed after the holidays and has been really great about sending notes home each week. We've been amused that Ruby doesn't like craft time at school. Each week I'll get a note that says something like: Ruby does not like to paint or Ruby didn't want to draw today. My favorite so far is: We made turtles but Ruby didn't want to. We ask her why she doesn't do crafts at school and she says "Ruby not paint at school" Who knows!!! She loves it at home! I guess she won't be an artist like her Aunt RaRa.

We had a nice little Mobbs family vacation to the North Georgia Mountains. It was the first weekend that the weather got cold so it was perfect and a nice relaxing weekend before we moved.

We had a little Bumble Bee. We did costume story time again at Barnes and Noble and then went trick or treating in my parents neighborhood with cousins Chase, Cooper and Zoe(aka two ninjas and a cute little owl).

After a year of living at my parents house and a year of looking at, putting contracts on multiples houses only to have them fall through over and over, we finally got to close on a house. It was such a stressful and long process, but was God was definitely in control. We couldn't ask for a better house, location and deal. It was worth the wait for sure!! Once we closed we got right to work putting down new floors, painting, cleaning and moving in!

3 weeks after moving in I thought it would be a good idea to host Thanksgiving at our new house. It was great incentive to get things done, but it was also exhuasting. Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday so I really wanted to do it. It was great to have family and friends over and Korey got to fry his first turkey(with a little help). Yum!!

We had a sick little girl over Christmas. She actually woke up screaming at 3 am on Christmas morning and didn't stop until she finally crashed at 8am. Poor thing! Turns out she had her first ear infection with blisters on her ear drum so I can't blame her. Luckily we were only having my parents and sister and brother-in-law over so we just stayed in our PJs and enjoyed the day as much as we could.

We also had the annual Mobbs family ChristmasChaos. Each year gets a little more crazy and a little more fun! Nana completely over does it and the kids completely enjoy it!

-Ruby turned 2!!!
Ruby and her cousin Zoe are only 1 day apart so we decided to do a joint party this year at the Babyland General Hospital. If you're not from Georgia you might not know, but this is the official Cabbage Patch Kid birthplace. Its a little girls heaven. There are dolls everywhere!! I think Ruby enjoyed it, although you'd never know it by the family picture. (Trust me, this is the best one we got)

-Baby Boy Mobbs
Yep, it's a boy. And I've made it 38.5 weeks without bedrest. Yay!!!! We're awaiting his arrival any moment. Soon*** we'll be a family of 4!!

***Soon became about 10 hours later

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