Tuesday, November 16, 2010

No nap needed

 Yesterday Ruby took a 4 hour nap so today we decided she didn't need one. So we took her to ride the Macy's Pink Pig. Yay! Its an Atlanta tradition that I've done every year for the past 28 Christmases so we couldn't let her miss out. Unfortunately it's not half as cool as it used to be. In fact, its corny and a rip-off. But that doesn't stop us. Mom didn't get a ticket to ride so that she could take pictures but they made her stand behind the wall because as the guy working said, "its dangerous". Must have been lots of casualties last year due to out of control pink pigs. So the pics aren't great, but Ruby loved it and we can mark it off the list of must-do activities until next year.

When we got home Ruby found a new favorite toy-a box. Yes, she has a ton of expensive and educational toys, but the box out-ranked them this evening.
After her bath she came back for more time in the box and to play with Piper. Yes, those are boys pajamas. And yes, I knew that when I bought them. But I couldn't resist the reindeer feet. They made me think of my sister who wore footie pjs until she was 13. Ok, maybe 12. And at least if the next Mobbs is a boy, he already has Christmas pjs.
On a developmental milestone sidenote, Ruby can now say Da-Da and Uh-oh. And I'm trying not to be offended that Uh-oh came before Ma-Ma.

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The Mitchell's said...

Ruby is precious! Enjoy because before you know it she'll be a 2 year old!! Time flies!