Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Only my sister...

Tonight I get a phone call from my sister, aka  Aunt Ray Ray. And it went something like this:

RayRay: Murry, have you ever read More magazine?
Me: No, never heard of it. What is it?
RayRay: Its really good. It's a mag for women 40 and up.
Me: Ummm...awesome. You must have been really bored.
RayRay: No, really. Its good!! I feel wiser now. You should read it. I've been looking for that perfect women's magazine that does it for me, and this is it.
Me: (laughing)ok, Rach, I'll check it out. (maybe) I do want to be wise and cool like you.
RayRay: I'm cool because I wore a side pony to work today.

Only Rachel. But we love her. And she is cool. She also got a call from a major women's clothing store today and was asked to represent the Atlanta market by inviting 50 women to a private party/clothing line release in December. So watch your mailboxes, you might get an invite. And on top of that she takes pictures of my baby with a fancy-schmancy camera. This was at 6 months and little stinker wouldn't smile for anything that day.

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Elizabeth said...

Awwww, this made me miss Ray Ray even more!!!! Side pony! Represent!