Friday, January 15, 2010

Christmas 09

It's Friday afternoon and I'm bored. What's new? And oh how my life is about to change! But for now, I realized that I never posted pics from Christmas. This Christmas was unusual is many ways. First-I didn't really do any shopping, except online. I'm pretty proud of the online deals that I got, but it's just not the same as a few exhausting days at the mall. And as far as receiving gifts-no clothes this year. That's a first!!! But who needs new clothes when you're huge and only going to get bigger!! My parents bought us the nursery furniture which was a huge help. Korey's mom gave me all new Calphalon pots and pans which I'm super excited about! The ones we got when we married have been terrible from the beginning and on the receiving end of many not so kind words over the last few years!! This Christmas was also bittersweet because my grandmother, Mama Jackie, was diagnosed with Stage 4 cancer just before Thanksgiving. So we all spent the holidays cherishing time with her while we can. One blessing to being on bedrest over the last 10 weeks has been getting to spend lots of time with her. I often spend a few days at a time at her house just hanging out. Right now she's doing much better than any of us imagined she would and we're hoping she'll get to meet her first great-granddaughter very soon!! So here's a few pictures from the holidays.

Rachel and her loot in the biggest stocking you've ever seen

Rach and Mikey bought me Reba and George tix!! The concert is Feb 25 so Ruby needs to hurry up!!

My cute hubby and beautiful sister!

My little cousin Timmy was telling Mama Jackie that he asked Jesus to be in his heart-so sweet!

Yes, cousin Mary buys the best gifts.Timmy told me so!


Kathleen said...

sweet picture of you and mama j

Katie said...


I'm so glad you posted these pictures. My condolences to you and all the family. Mama Jackie was amazing. I have so many wonderful memories from childhood that include her. I'll always be greatful for knowing her.

Much love to you all now,