Friday, November 20, 2009

Day 4

Today I read, not just flipped through the pages, of the December issue of Elle magazine. Here's what I learned:
-Elle actually has articles and good writers
-According to Woody Harrelson who prefers organic clothing, cotton accounts for 50% of all pesticide use. I guess I'm not as green as I thought in my cotton tshirt and sweat pants. Bummer!
-The editor told me to be kind to others and myself by shopping. Ok.
-Elle Jet Setter feature was about Biarritz, France. I've been there. Not quite in Elle style, but I think it makes me cool either way.
-I've been thinking that since I'm naming child Ruby which is a precious gem I should get some jewelry as a result of having her. I found the perfect peice on page 167. Its Chopard and has 255 rubies and 57-carats of diamonds(price upon request).
-Apparently someone in the world will pay 400 bucks for underwear. Otherwise why would they market it?
-I want to see the movies The Private lives of Pippa Lee and Up in Air.
-And last-my horoscope reveals that this month is ideal to reflect on what I'd like to bring into my new birthday year (hmmm....a baby?) These people are good!

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K-Mobb said...

I'd like to know the price of the jewelry piece found on page 167 of your Elle magazine. Thank you.