Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Bed Rest is for the birds!

Baby Ruby decided to cause a little bit of excitement last Thursday which has now resulted in 10 weeks of bed rest. On Thursday afternoon on my way home from work, I kept what I thought might be contractions. I tried not to freak out, so came home and layed on the couch for a while. When the contractions didn't stop after about 45 minutes I called the doctor. He told me to wait another 30 minutes then come to the hospital. My mom, aunt and grandmother were on their way to my house for dinner so I kept waiting. My mom thought I was being overly dramatic and kept telling me to lay down and not worry about it(she now feels really bad). I ended up waiting about an hour and half more until Korey got home to go to the hospital. I really was hoping I was imagining the contractions and they would just call me crazy and send me home, but no such luck. They hooked me up to the monitor and I was having contractions every 2 minutes. So we got to do a trial run night at Northside hospital while they monitored me, ran some tests and gave me medication to stop the contractions. They sent me home Friday morning with more medication to take as needed and told me rest for the weekend. Unfortunately the contractions didn't stop over the weekend, so Monday morning I was officially put on bed rest until I'm 36 weeks. Awesome, huh?

So begins the bed rest blog. My friend Ashleigh and best friend Kelly have made requests for daily blog entries for the next 10 weeks. And really I have no excuse not to. Besides working from my couch or bed for 8 hours during the day, the rest of my time is free. And I think this time of bed rest will be a learning experience in spite or sounding like the most miserable 10 weeks of my life. And anything that I need to do to keep little Ruby incubating and healthy will be done. So each day I'll try to post something new in efforts to voice my boredom, frustration, gratitude, or comic relief as the weeks go by.

Day 1: (Yesterday) For right now, the hospital is allowing me to work from home and I'm so grateful. Not only does it mean that I don't have to take leave, but it gives me 8 hours a day of purpose. Also, lesson learned from the weekend. When you are pregnant and on bed rest, don't look at food magazines or blogs. Everything looks good and I can't make it. But best friend Kelly and my mom came to my rescue and made me these pumpkin cheesecake swirl brownies I'd been wanting. (Yes, it took both of them to make an 8x8 dish). Delicious!

Day 2: Tonight I got to lay on the sofa and just watch Korey vaccuum. Although I feel useless, there was something slightly rewarding about that! And thank you to our friends, the Dudish's, who brought over a yummy dinner and the most adorable handmade crocheted beanie for Ruby! Can't wait for Ashleigh to take her newborn pics wearing it!


Jennifer said...

Hang in there! Your blog will actually be a sweet gift for little Ruby and yourself. I wish I had recorded more of my thoughts during pregnancy. I enjoyed reading!

Mary said...

No!!! I'm SO sorry ... this has always been my worst fear. I had one night of contractions around the same point that you are at but luckily they stopped. I'm so thankful you are able to work from home! Excited to read all of your upcoming posts. Hang in there!