Monday, October 5, 2009

Catch up

I just uploaded a ton of pictures that I took on my mom's camera so I'll play blog catch up for a while. This summer my sweet cousin Jenn got married at Reynolds Plantation. It was beautiful and sweet and touching-everything a wedding should be!! She was absolutely beautiful and the wedding was a great party!

The bride and her dad walking down the aisle:
Ko and I on the dance floor. He's really excited about-can't you tell? So excited that later on in the evening when I was dancing like a fool he actually left the reception without me.
Ko and Mama Jackie-love them both so much!!

My dad, my cousin Dan and Ko. No, Dan is not gay.

Best friend Kelly and the Cardina girls. Hard to believe we've known each other 20 years!!One of the pictures I got of the bride. Sorry Jenn, but I love this picture. It really captures how much fun we were having on the dance floor.
And sweaty BFF's on the dance floor.
Jenn and Jason-great wedding and I'm so happy for you both!!

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Kathleen said...

Looks like a fun wedding!