Tuesday, October 20, 2009


This past weekend I was doing some major cleaning out of out of our office and the room that will be baby Ruby's. In the process of course, I came across some good mementos and photos. One such photo is seen below. (you can laugh now) Korey is always threatening to shave his head and I always insist that he doesn't and below you can see why. Although he's so cute (and young!), this is not my favorite look for Mr.Mobbs. It could be the nasty goatee he has going on at the time too, but I don't think so. For now, I'll keep begging him not to shave his head.
FYI-this was my senior year of college, Chi Omega semi-formal night. We went with old school attire and I do still have the amazing burgandy velvet and gold dress that I got at Goodwill. I don't think I'll be fitting into it for this years holiday festivities so it is available to be borrowed and worn with pride.

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Kathleen said...

cute picture Mary! Why were y'all at the Mall of America?