Thursday, February 25, 2010

I'll try not to do it again (at least not anytime real soon!)

Tuesday marked the first time my profession as a nurse practitioner made me immediately think the worst about Ruby. And of course, it was nothing!! Ruby has been eating very well since birth and hasn't had any significant spit-ups at all. Until Monday night. At midnight I fed her and she was almost done and then she began projectile vomiting everything in her little belly. It went everywhere! All over me, her and the bed. After waking up Ko and changing all of our clothes and sheets, she was fine. But then on Tuesday morning she did the same thing. This is when I began thinking my child had pyloric stenosis and would be undergoing surgical repair later that day. I called the pediatrician and they told me to bring her in (which I think validated my concern, right?). The pediatrician was so sweet and intently  listened to my concerns then sweetly told me that she thought Ruby was probably just overeating and I was probably producing too much milk for her little belly. Great news, right? Right. But I know that pediatrician was thinking, "Great, a new mom with a medical background who's going to be calling every day with something new". But, I promise I won't. Promise!

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