Monday, June 8, 2009

The Happiest Place on Earth

Disney World really is the happiest place on earth! I love it! Always have! Korey and I went last week with his family to stay for the week and hit up the parks. We weren't sure at first how it would go taking 4 boys under 4 years old to Disney in the hot summer sun, but we all had a blast! It was definitely hot, but it was great to watch the boys have so much fun! Instead of staying on the resort and paying a ton of money we rented a 5 bedroom house about 20 minutes from Disney. Great idea! We had our own pool and could come back for "naptime" and then hit the park or Downtown Disney in the evening. All week we kept saying how amazing Disney is. Its clean, the people are always nice and willing to help, and they have everything organized perfectly. And they make a ton of money off people like us! But worth every penny if you ask me!! (Beware-lots of pictures!)
Tyler=Best baby ever!

Snow White and my prince
Korey and I were chosen out of line to be in the Backlot Tour show. It was hilarious and we got soaked!
Korey jumped into "The Train" at Downtown Disney
Luke and Uncle Ko
The guys in their 3-D glasses
Me and Luke
Chase and Cooper with Donald
Rafiki(the kids were gone to nap but we couldnt miss out on a character photo!)

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